SOCIAL MEDIA—Kevin Adelsberger of Adelsberger Marketing spoke at the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce on April 24 about social media marketing and promotion as part of the Biztech Roadshow.

The Biztech Roadshow came to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce on April 24 as part of its 15 stop tour.

Hosted by theCO out of Jackson, the Biztech Roadshow featured a presentation by Kevin Adelsberger of Adelsberger Marketing about social media marketing and promotion and an appearance by the Mobile Innovation Lab.


3D PRINTING—Angela Chasse and Jennifer Easterday examine a small object printed by one of the 3D printers on display at the Mobile Innovation Lab, which made an appearance at the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce on April 24.

Carroll County was stop 14 on the tour. The tour, which was available exclusively in West Tennessee, ended the following day in Brownsville.

Roughly a dozen representatives from local businesses showed up to get tips from Adelsberger about how to optimize their social media presence.


BAXTER THE BOT—Dan Drogosh shows visitors an industrial robot called Baxter.

Adelsberger, who works out of theCO, said his first piece of social media advice for businesses and organizations was simple: start.

“My message to you is just start (social media),” Adelsberger said. “Post every day. You never know which [post] will hit big.”


MOBILE INNOVATION LAB—The Mobile Innovation Lab visited the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce on April 24.

However, Adelsberger also shared that one of the most commonly used social media apps, Facebook, has been changing the rules. Facebook posts from professional pages are seeing less of an organic reach, meaning they aren’t reaching as many people who have liked their page if Facebook hasn’t been paid to promote the post.

According to Adelsberger, Facebook’s algorithm only knows interaction. Posts that have more comments and likes are more likely to show up in the newsfeeds of people who have liked the page.

He also recommended using multiple social media channels.

“Make sure you have diverse social media channels,” he said.

Other tips Adelsberger had for attendees included keeping LinkedIn profiles strictly professional, featuring user generated content on social media such as photos submitted by customers, and gaining some production skills to provide social media followers with interesting photos and videos.

After the presentation, Adelsberger met with representatives from The Dixie and Urgent Care for some one-on-one social media advice.

The Biztech Roadshow was brought to Carroll County by theCO, which is based out of Jackson. At theCO, entrepreneurs and creatives can share a workspace, and community members can find workshops and special learning opportunities to grow and improve their businesses.

Adelsberger said, “theCO is the home base of innovation in West TN and they wanted to bring the technology and my talk about to help business around the area. Without them [Biztech Roadshow] wouldn't have happened!”

Also available as part of the Biztech Roadshow was the Mobile Innovation Lab, provided by theCO. The Mobile Innovation Lab is a state funded program, according to employee Terrence Murphy.  The Mobile Innovation Lab, which is a bus, travels around the state to educate people on new technology. Visitors could view 3D printers, industrial robots, virtual reality tools, and lasers. Employees were on hand to give tours, demonstrate the technology, and answer questions.

There are plans to add two more busses to the Mobile Innovation Lab initiative, one of which will focus exclusively on business related technology.

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