Dr. Chandler Blake

Dr. Chandler Blake

Dr. Blake Chandler has released a video designed to answer questions about robotic hip and knee surgery. An orthopedic surgeon, he created the educational piece as a means to make information about this increasingly popular technology more accessible.

“Anytime something new comes along, people have questions,” said Chandler, who is affiliated with West Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic and practices in both Paris and Union City. “With this technology hurdling forward, I wanted individuals in the region to become acquainted with it and understand the positive difference it can make in their hip and knee surgeries.”

Available on YouTube, “Benefits of Robotic Surgery” describes the robot as a tool which allows the surgeon to achieve pinpoint precision. Using a Q and A format, Chandler explains how this provides better outcomes, thanks to improved balance, faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays and less pain.

Following extensive training on this cutting-edge technology, Chandler was one of the first surgeons in the state to offer it as an option. A pioneer in robotic orthopedic surgery in Northwest Tennessee, he has performed more than 200 robotic surgeries at Henry County Medical Center in Paris, which he describes as “a progressive facility that was an early adopter of this technology.”

The video can be viewed online at YouTube by searching “Dr. Blake Chandler” or “Benefits of Robotic Surgery.” Those interested in the history of this technology in the local region will want to view Chandler’s video “Pioneering Orthopedic Surgery in Northwest Tennessee.”

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