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McKenzie Elementary School ‘One School One Book’ Program gets underway

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McKenzie Elementary School ‘One School One Book’ Program gets underway

PROCLAMATION – Mayor Jill Holland reads the proclamation for the One School One Book program at McKenzie Elementary School Friday.

Shouts of “One School One Book” could be heard coming from McKenzie Elementary School gymnasium Friday afternoon as students in grades kindergarten through fourth grades showed their excitement over the revealing of the book that all the students will be reading for the next few weeks.

Mayor Jill Holland read a proclamation that proclaimed Jan. 26 as One School One Book day in the City of McKenzie at the beginning of the program.

Librarian Carol Nanney revealed the book would be “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies and that each student would get a free book.


SKIT – From left, Kristen Klonowski, her daughter, Kay, and Melissa Herris, perform a skit from “The

Lemonade War.”

“It’s a time to read with your family,” said Nanney.

The book is about fourth grader Evan Treski who is people-smart and his younger sister, Jessie, who is math-smart, but not especially good with people. He is good at talking with people, even grown-ups. As much as he loves his sister, he’s not exactly thrilled with his sister’s creativity and energy and non-stop persistence – and most of all, at the notion that she may be joining him in the fourth grade.


SHOWING OFF BOOK – From left, student Seth Stafford, librarian Carol Nanney and student Kalecia Cunningham show off the book, One School One Book.

So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will win – or even if their fight will ever end.

“We are super excited to announce that each of you will get a free copy of 'The Lemonade War' to take home with you today thanks to our generous sponsors,” said Nanney. “We hope that you enjoy reading it along with us, answering the trivia questions, winning prizes, and having a big celebration at the end.”

Students can watch the library facebook page for online announcements and contests.


COMMITTEE – McKenzie Elementary School Committee members who assisted with the One School One Book Program (from left) are principal Tim Barker, Amy Wilkes, Brandy Turman, Carol Nanney, Megan Taylor, Allison Winston, Hannah Haywood and Lesley White. Not pictured are Tonya Brown and Tiffany


Sponsors included Beta Sigma Phi, Kiwanis Club, Carroll Bank & Trust, McKenzie P.T.O., Centennial Bank, Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Woodman Life Insurance.

A skit about the book was performed by Kristen Klonowski, her daughter, Kay, and Melissa Herris.

Teacher Allison Winston explained what was in each bag that students would receive. It contained the book, a bookmark, a letter that explained the One School, One Book program, and a calendar in the back of the book that tells when to read each chapter. There are trivia questions after each chapter.


STUDENTS – McKenzie Elementary students assembled in the gym Friday to learn the name of the book they will be reading for the next few weeks. It was revealed that it will be “The Lemonade War.”

One winner a day will be announced for the trivia contest and will receive a snack and a Sonic coupon. In addition, the student will become a lemon head with their photo posted on the bulletin board. At the end of reading the book, a big celebration will be held on March 20 with a half price book fair. The class that has won the trivia questions contest will be given a special prize.


HANDING OUT THE BOOKS – Each McKenzie Elementary School teacher passed out the free “The Lemonade War” book to students in each class. Above, fourth grade teacher Amy Wilkes gives the books to students Briar Nevil and Alyssa Redmond.

Nanney and Amanda Batts got the idea from Read To, and decided to do the One School One Book reading program.

The books will be presented to members of the school board at their Feb. 8 meeting.

Last year the program was begun with the book, “The World According to Humphrey.”

“The kids are excited about reading this book. Last year parents were very complimentary of that book and getting to read along with their children,” said Nanney. “It’s a good thing for the students.”

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