Williams Furniture Co. owner Phil Williams has begun a retirement sell-off at his store on Broadway in McKenzie. A big red sign across the front of the store declares the sale.

 However, he says his furniture store which has operated for 42 years in McKenzie is not closing, just scaling back.


RETIREMENT SELL-OFF – Williams Furniture begins retirement sell-off sale. However, the store is not closing, just scaling back.

At age 72, the doctor has told him it is time for him to slow down.

 “I have appreciated the support of the people over all these years,” he said. “But due to health reasons I am cutting back. I will continue to operate the business, but on a smaller basis.”

Williams’ outgoing personality, great bargains and advertising has brought customers to his store from near and far.

Many a customer has heard his favorite term, “glory hallelujah” during a sale.

His wife, Irene, died last year after more than 50 years of marriage. He said they had discussed selling off some of the store’s inventory before she died suddenly in November.

He is an active member of the First United Methodist Church of McLemoresville. He is also a lay speaker, conducts funerals and performs weddings.

He is the longest serving mayor in the state of Tennessee, having been in the position for 42 years. He is a candidate for the position again in November. If he finishes this term of four years, he will have served the town for 50 years, as he was an alderman prior to running for mayor.

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