Swearing In- Taking the oath

TAKING THE OATH OF OFFICE – Bruceton Town Attorney Michael King (right) administers the oath of office to (from left) aldermen James Butler and Joseph Simmons and Mayor Robert Keeton III.

The two Town of Bruceton aldermen and the mayor, elected in the Nov. 6 election, were sworn in by town attorney Michael King during an 11 o’clock meeting at city hall on Dec. 11.

Taking the oath of office were Mayor Robert Keeton III and aldermen Joseph (Joey) Simmons and James Butler. Keeton has served as mayor since 1995 with the exception of four years. Simmons and Butler are beginning their first terms.

Following the ceremony, alderman Cliff Sturdivant was selected as vice mayor by acclamation by the board of aldermen.

“The vice mayor’s position is a decision made by the board,” said Keeton before the selection was made. “Historically the person with the most votes in the last election is named as vice mayor.”

James Butler was the top vote getter with 287 votes.

However, Keeton pointed out that Sturdivant, who did not have to run in this past election because his term had not expired, received 394 votes when he was reelected.

In the mayor’s comments, Keeton wished everyone a merry Christmas.

“I look forward to a good, safe and sound new year,” he said. “Look after your neighbors and animals during the cold weather.”

The mayor said leaf pickup has begun, but advised residents not to put the leaves on top of limbs.

He also noted that Alderman Frank McGee’s father had recently died and the town sent flowers.

The mayor said there was no further information at this time on when the ambulance service would be locating in Bruceton on a permanent basis.

Alderman Scotty Higdon thanked Simmons and Butler for running for aldermen while Sturdivant welcomed them on board and complimented the police on a good report for the month of November. McGee said he looked forward to working with the two new aldermen as well.

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