The two indicted last year on over 150 charges stemming from a case of mass animal cruelty in Atwood are scheduled to appear Friday in Carroll County Circuit Court for a pre-trial motions hearing.

Donald Scott Shoenthal, 52, and Tara L. Neutzler, 43, have both been indicted on 34 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, 118 counts of cruelty to animals, two counts of aggravated child neglect and endangerment, and two counts of criminal attempt to commit aggravated child neglect and endangerment.

A trial date of March 25 was set for the case during an earlier hearing back in October of last year.

The two were charged in April of 2018 after deputies with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department found around 150 animals living in deplorable conditions at a house and surrounding property at 3349 Highway 79 in Atwood.

The remains of several dead animals, including a zebra, were also found on the property.

In addition to the animals, two minor children, who had been staying at the home, have also been named as victims in the case.

Authorities detected dangerously high levels of anomia in the house where the children had been living with numerous neglected animals.

Members of the American Rescue Corps assisted deputies with cleanup at the property, getting veterinary treatment for many of the animals, and in finding homes for these animals at various rescue shelters and farms.

One ARC member had to be hospitalized due to exposure to ammonia.

Attorney D.J. Norton of Selmer is representing both Shoenthal and Neutzler.

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