CLARKSBURG TEEN HEALTH COUNCIL MEMBERS – From left, Tristyn Yewell, Ansly Chace, Julieanna Altom, Carroll County Health Department PHOA Robin Luther and HUGS/CSS Social Worker Jennifer Williams

The Carroll County Health Department partnered with the South Carroll Special School District (SCSSD) and the Clarksburg Teen Health Council for the annual Slam Dunk Tobacco event at Clarksburg High School on November 27, 2018. Since SCSSD is one of only two of the five special school districts that have implemented 100-percent tobacco/smoke-free campus and property policies, the focus for this year’s Slam Dunk Tobacco was to promote smoking and tobacco use cessation. Slam Dunk Tobacco banners were hung and the Quit Now display was set up in the gym lobby. 


CHEERLEADERS – From left, Alexandria Derryberry, Elizabeth Ward, Casey Wright, Emily Moore, Morgan Horn, Hannah Wood, Eryka Yewell, Chloe Staggs, Sydney Page, and Gail Beckham.

Teen Health Council members distributed Quit Kits provided by the Carroll County Health Department and the cheerleaders led the crowd with their Stop Smoking cheer “If you want to live your life, you gotta S-T-O-P, stop smoking” throughout the games with Collinwood.  Basketball shaped Be Tobacco Free stress balls were thrown out to attendees during the half time of the girls’ and the boys’ games.


SLAM DUNK - Prentice Pledge participating in the Slam Dunk.

The approximately 250 attendees also registered for a tobacco facts basketball, which was won by Michael Schaffer, and many participated the fun Slam Dunk A Pack Contest between the girls and boys games where individuals tried to dunk a large cigarette pack through the net.

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