Fallon Bound over

BOUND OVER – Joseph Fallon of Jackson makes his way to his seat during a December 5 preliminary hearing in Carroll County General Sessions Court. Following testimony, Fallon was bound over to the Grand Jury for allegedly abducting a local teen and driving her to Florida.

A Madison County man charged in the Halloween night abduction of a local teen was bound over to the January 2019 session of the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court.

Joseph Fallon, 34, of Jackson is being held on a $75,000 bond at the Carroll County Jail on charges of aggravated kidnapping and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Fallon was bound over by General Sessions Judge Larry Logan at the end of a December 5 preliminary hearing – a hearing that was continued from November 28 when alleged victim Acia Ross, 13, of Huntingdon became emotional on the witness and was unable to continue with testimony.

Though Logan granted her a couple of breaks to compose herself during last week’s hearing, Acia braved though the questioning and completed her testimony, which was enough for Logan to send Fallon on to the Grand Jury.

Last week’s hearing picked up where the earlier hearing had left off with cross examination by public defender Billy Roe, who is serving as Fallon’s attorney.

During questioning from Roe, Acia admitted that she had been on a couple of dating websites before meeting Fallon through an app called “Secret.”

According to Acia’s testimony, she and Fallon exchanged cell phone numbers and communicated through phone and texts before Fallon drove to Carroll County on October 26 and picked her up at the end of the road she lives on and then drove her to his apartment in Jackson.

Acia told the court that she stayed at Fallon’s apartment until that next evening, when her mother, after finding out where she was, drove to Jackson and picked her up at an intersection a few blocks away from Fallon’s apartment.

Acia said that no sexual contact occurred between her and Fallon during that first stay at his apartment, though she did say Fallon had her try on different outfits.

However, Acia later testified that Fallon “held [her] arms down” and forced her to have sexual intercourse at his apartment on October 31 after Fallon again drove to Carroll County and met up with Acia and some of her friends in Bruceton.

Acia told the court that Fallon drove her and a 15-year-old female friend to Old Railroad Spirits in Bruceton, where Fallon purchased a six-pack of beer and then dropped them off with the beer at Dollar General Store in Bruceton.

Acia testified that her mother called her on her cell phone at about that time and told her to come meet her a few blocks down the street at Little General.

According to Acia, Fallon pulled up beside her as she was walking to Little General and told her to get in the truck.

She said she was afraid not to get in the truck because he had told her earlier that he kept a knife in the vehicle “just in case.”

Acia said Fallon drove them back to his apartment in Jackson, where he forced her to have sex.

That next morning (Thursday, Nov. 1), Acia said she told Fallon she wanted to go home, but when she got in the truck with him, he drove her to Florida instead.

Police found the two at a convenience store in Gainesville, Florida, after Acia asked Fallon to stop there so she could use the restroom.

During closing statements, Roe argued that the charge of aggravated kidnapping was not justified since that alleged crime began in Madison County and continued to Florida.

“There’s no question in my mind that Mr. Fallon took advantage of the situation,” said Logan before rendering his decision to bind Fallon over. “And I don’t think this crime stops at the Carroll County line.”

The judge also raised Fallon’s bond back up to $75,000 after lowering it to $25,000 at the November 28 hearing.

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