Miss Tennessee Qualifier -Tera Townsend

MISS TENN. SCHOLARSHIP PAGEANT QUALIFIER - Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival title winner, Tera Townsend, qualifies to compete again in the statewide Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant.

Local beauty, Tera Townsend, 21, of Huntingdon has qualified to be in the Miss Tennessee pageant again by winning the Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival title recently. She is an audio engineering student at SAE Institute Nashville.

She will now advance to the statewide Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant next June at the Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson.

The pageant, combined with the Miss UTM pageant, was held Nov. 11 in UTM’s Russell Duncan Ballroom.

Townsend previously held the 2018 Miss Jackson title and competed in June at the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant, so the Soybean Festival title qualifies Townsend to compete a second time for the Miss Tennessee crown. Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival Pageant crowned its 20th titleholder. The pageant is divided into five phases of competition, including private interview, swimsuit, talent, evening wear and on-stage questions. Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival receives $1,500 if she is a UT Martin student or $500 if she is not.

Townsend’s platform was “Sing a Note – Through Music Building a Better You.” She said that her experience during the 2018 Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant will help her next year on the Miss Tennessee stage. Townsend sings and plays the guitar.

To her the toughest part of the competition is the interview. “Well, it’s always been the interview for me because I grew up with a speaking disability,” she said. “It took me a while to kind of overcome that.”

The title of Miss Tennessee is a full-time, yearlong position as the governor’s official spokesperson for character education and as an ambassador for Tennessee’s Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

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