The first of two required readings was passed on two different ordinances concerning Intoxicating Liquors and Beer by Huntingdon Town Council members at the Dec. 11 meeting.

It became necessary to repeal in its entirety Chapter 1 Intoxicating Liquors of Title 8 Alcoholic Beverages Municipal Code and Title 8, Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code relating to beer of Title 8 Alcoholic Beverages due to the town’s passage of package liquor stores.

A Finance and Administration Committee meeting was held Dec. 6 to discuss the changes that needed to be made. Council member Nina Smothers is chairman of that committee.

“The first part was the liquor revisions and the second part was about beer changes,” said Smothers. “It was decided to bring the revisions and proposals to the meeting tonight.”

The second reading on these two ordinances is to take place on Jan. 8 since the Dec. 25 meeting has been cancelled. Ordnances go into effect 20 days following the passage, which in this case would be Jan. 28.

The new ordinances say in no event will a permit be issued authorizing the manufacture or storage of, or sale of beer or intoxicating liquor within 300 feet of any church, school, public park or public playground. This now applies to both on and off premises. In the past, on premise beer sales was 750 feet and off premise was 250 feet.

Sunday beer sales will be permitted only for off-premise consumption between the hours of 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. No beer sales are allowed between midnight and 6 a.m. during any night of the week.

Each applicant applying for a liquor license must pay a non-refundable investigation fee of $250.

Council members agreed to enter into two different agreements for administrative services and Safe Routes to School Grant.

An agreement was passed for Community Development Partners to provide administrative services for the 2018 CDBG Sewer System Improvements grant project to perform flow monitoring in the main basins of the sewer system and replace pumps and controls at the Highway 22 and Williams St. sewer pump stations. The cost for the services is $30,000.

An engineering agreement with Tegrah Engineering relating to the 2015 Safe Routes to School Grant – Clark Street Sidewalk Phase I project was given on Jan. 24, of last year in the amount of $23,500. An amendment to the agreement is necessary due to additional services and modifications to services of the engineer relating to the project. The amendment amount is $5,500 for a total adjusted agreement amount of $29,000.


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