Two plats were approved by the Carroll County Lake Planning Commission in the November 27 meeting.

One concerned a proposal to revise the previously approved Mickey Jay Bay Subdivision submitted by Walter Reaster.

Community planner Donny Bunton gave a background  review of a request for a revised plat. The proposed revision combined the previously approved eight lots into three lots.

Reaster owns two of the revised lots with an area of 3.5 acres. The properties are zoned L-1 (Low Density Residential/Commercial). The properties have water service form the Cedar Grove Water District and a septic system which was approved along with the original subdivision in 2012.

At the November 12 Carroll County Legislative Body meeting, commissioners approved closing the Ed Tucker Road and allowing Reaster to put up a gate. The County Highway Department will no longer have to maintain the road and Reaster will pay property taxes on the added acreage. He had asked that the road be closed due to people driving near his residence on the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake throwing out litter.

Some commissioners opposed the road closure and allowing Reaster to take possession of the former roadway.

Bunton said the revision only involved Reaster’s two lots and the abandoned roadway to create one lot, which is 7.25 acres in size.

Bunton pointed out that Reaster has created a gravel turn around where Ed Tucker Road now ends which will be used for garbage trucks and emergency vehicles.

According to the subdivision regulations a paved turnaround with an 80-foot diameter is required. Additional right-of-way would have to be dedicated if the paved turn around were to be required.

However, Bunton said a highway department official informed him that the county didn’t want to maintain a paved turnaround.

Commission member Tommy Surber made the motion to approve the plat which was unanimously approved by commissioners.

The other plat approval was for a combination plat that combines portions of property owned by Erica Ashby-Kennedy, John Wallace, and Harold Brou with a large property (approximately 31.42 acres) owned by WT Acquisitions.

Upon combination, the total size of the property will be 36.01 acres.

The purpose of the combination is to increase the size of the proposed Fisherman’s Cove Subdivision which comprises the WT Acquisitions property. The properties are zoned L-1 (Lake Low Density Residential/Commercial). The properties will have access to water service from the Cedar Grove Water District and sewer service from the Town of Huntingdon.

Bunton recommended that some minor revisions be made to plat map drawings.

Commissioners were to have reviewed existing zoning and subdivision regulations at the meeting, but decided to postpone the review until a later date.

The next meeting will be at 1 p.m. on Dec. 18.

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