Hollow Rock Swearing In

HOLLOW ROCK SWEARING IN – From left, Hollow Rock Alderman Michael Smith, Mayor Rob Woods and Alderman Angela Stockdale were sworn in during the Dec. 4 meeting of the Hollow Rock Mayor and Board of Aldermen. They were elected in the Nov. 6 election.

Hollow Rock’s mayor and aldermen, who won in the Nov. 6 election, were sworn in by town attorney Butch Maddox at the Dec. 4 meeting.

The town’s charter calls for the ceremony to be held the first Tuesday in the next month following election.

Rob Woods, who has never been mayor, previously, will serve in that position for the next four years.

Angela Stockdale, who is a new alderman on the board, will serve four years while alderman Michael Smith, will complete the two year unexpired term of Maria Crocker. Alderman Bobby Brotherton, who was elected for a four-year term, was not present when the others were sworn in. However, he arrived after the meeting and was sworn in by town recorder Pam Gallimore.

During the business portion of the meeting, Morris Rogers, who moved to Hollow Rock from Camden, was selected by the board to complete the two-year unexpired term of Woods, who was an alderman.

Other town appointments were also filled.

Maddox was again appointed as town attorney to take care of legal services. The judge for city court will again be Laura Keeton. The town attorney and CMFO officer will be paid $100 a month retainer fees while Keeton’s fee is $75 a month.

Alderman Curt Lumley was appointed as vice mayor. Former Mayor Tim Runions was hired as an employee to be the town’s Certified Municipal Financial Officer (CMFO). According to state law, the CMFO is required to have 12 hours of training within a year.

The rules were suspended in order to allow aldermen the opportunity to vote on allowing the town to pay off the note on the fire department’s Station 2 building.

In a unanimous vote, aldermen voted to allow the town to make the final payment of $1,307.95. The firemen, who recently made a $1,650 payment, have held fundraisers and given up their training funds over the years to pay off the $40,000 note.


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