A resolution to approve a bid from a new contractor for rural trash collection will be put before commissioners during the March 11 meeting of the Carroll County Legislative Body.

During a Thursday afternoon meeting, members of the Carroll County Solid Waste Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the county enter into a five-year contract with Red River Waste Solutions, starting July 1 of this year.


READING THE BIDS – Carroll County Solid Waste Committee Chairman John Mann (at left) reads one of two bids submitted for rural trash collection as Solid Waste Director Jeff Heyduck (at right) looks on during Thursday night’s committee meeting.

The committee’s recommendation was sent on to the Resolutions Committee, which put it into the form of a resolution to be brought before the full Legislative Body on March 11.

The county has contracted with Republic Services (formerly known as Barker Brothers) for rural trash collection for the past 25 years.

Solid Waste Committee members opened bids from both Red River and Republic during Thursday’s meeting, and after some discussion, they opted for Red River.

According to the bid submitted by Red River, the company will charge the county $13.23 per month per customer for all five years of the contract.

Republic’s bid started at $14.49 monthly for each customer the first year and stepped up incrementally each year to $16.30 by year five.

The county currently charges rural customers $18 per month for trash collection.

Representatives from Red River and Republic were both present at the meeting to answer questions about the bids and their companies from committee members.

The Red River rep. informed the committee that her company employs around 250 people, and some of the communities where they currently provide trash pickup include Union City, Nashville, and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

She also said that the company would have an employee dedicated solely to replacing damaged or stolen carts in Carroll County on a daily basis, and that they would be taking the county’s trash to the landfill in Benton County.

“We’ve had a long relationship with Barker Brothers [Republic], but looking at the difference between the two contracts, I think we would be doing a disservice to taxpayers not to accept Red River’s bid,” said committee member Gerald Scarbrough before making the motion to give preliminary acceptance to Red River’s bid.

The committee also discussed the matter of whether or not to change the monthly rate the county charges rural customers for trash pickup.

Committee Chairman John Mann suggested that they lower the rate to $17, but Solid Waste Director Jeff Heyduck pointed out that leaving the rate at $18 would still mean savings for customers when compared to rate hikes that would have been necessary if they had stayed with Republic.

The committee generally agreed to keep the rate at $18.

• • •

Other resolutions to come before the Legislative Body on March 11 include:

•A resolution to appoint Tommy Surber, Brent Smith, Hal Eason, Randy Long, Jeremy Fowler, Janice Tippitt, and Dottie Walker to the Carroll County Agricultural Extension Committee with terms ending January 2021.

•A resolution to transfer $2,280.47 in insurance funds received by the Sheriff’s Department for a damaged vehicle from an insurance recovery account to a liability claims account as an amendment to the current fiscal year budget.

•A resolution to amend the General Fund budget to account for a $32,000 court security grant received from the Tennessee Supreme Court.

•A resolution to transfer $35,000 in funds received from a state Prevention Coalition Coordination Grant into an expenditure account for the current fiscal year budget.

•A resolution to raise the fee for driving school from $100 to $125.


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