McKenzie- Mayor

Randy Callahan, McKenzie Vice Mayor

McKenzie council members voted to purchase eight acres of land behind the sewer plant at the Thursday night meeting.

Mayor Jill Holland told the council that owner Gina Manner had decided to sell the property for $1,000 an acre.

“It would allow the city to use it for leaves and brush,” said the mayor. “The sewer plant might have to be expanded in the future.” Councilmember Randy Callahan is the new vice mayor. Councilmember Charles Pruneau nominated Callahan.

Councilmember Brian Winston nominated council member Jason Martin.

Holland said according to the charter, if a vacancy in the mayor’s position occurs, the vice mayor becomes the mayor.

The second and final reading was held on an ordinance that is geared toward expanding business opportunities in the B-2 and B-3 zones. This will set the distance of “0” for the sale of beer in these two zones instead of 200 feet.

The mayor said Arrow Paving Co. has paved University Drive and Cherry, Magnolia, Carroll and Forest Extended Streets. The city has a General Obligation Capital Outlay note of $350,000 to pay for the paving.

Approval was granted to pay $5,300 for fire equipment and $7,300 for a motor in a Charger police vehicle.

In other business, council members:

• Agreed to give $100 Christmas bonuses to fulltime employees.

• Heard from Water Dept. director Billy Woods who said that the pavement over water leaks is being smoothed.

• Were told by Public Works director Johnny Mercer that the brush truck is running. The leaf truck had equipment failure for awhile but is now up and running.

• Were informed by Parks and Recreation director Mike Beasley that the leaves had been gotten up in the recreation park, a dugout repaired and the fence in the dog park has been started.

• Heard the mayor compliment the employees on the condition of the park. She said fire chief Brian Tucker also built the sleigh that was in the parade.

• Were informed by Tucker there were 19 incidents during November. Among them were one commercial fire and one residential fire.

• Were advised by police chief Craig Moates that 1,213 calls were answered by the police department during November. Among them were 624 security checks of homes, businesses and parks and 176 vehicle stops.

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