A Lexington man was arrested after wrecking his vehicle following a high speed chase through Huntingdon and around the Court Square on March 5.

Michael Jowers, 35, has been charged with evading arrest, violation of parole and violation of the sex offender registry in Henderson County.

 A high-speed chase through multiple counties ended Tuesday morning with a crash in Huntingdon.

Huntingdon Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers confirmed around 11 a.m. that the chase ended with a wreck in the area of Highway 22 North and Lexington Street.

At times, Jowers reached speeds of 90-100 mph in the Huntingdon city limits, sometimes driving the wrong way on one-way streets, according to Smothers.

“He went around the Court Square the wrong way,” said Smothers.

A lockdown was ordered at The Dixie where a children’s show was in progress.

Law enforcement had attempted to stop Jowers in Henderson County and again in Madison County, which led to the chase on Highway 70.

Jowers eventually drove into Huntingdon where he almost hit a patrol car and other vehicles, according to Smothers.

The chase ended when Jowers wrecked near a Highway 22 exit ramp. According to an accident report prepared by Huntingdon police officer Labe Ezell, Jowers was headed south on Lexington St. near the intersection of 22 south when he drove into the grass in an effort to evade law enforcement and struck a ditch, causing the vehicle to flip overend.

Both he and his passenger, Nicole Kincaid, 29, of Denmark, were taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital – Carroll County where they were treated for minor injuries. Jowers was reported to have suffered a broken finger.

Kincaid was observed throwing various objects out the window. She was expected to be charged by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol, U.S. Marshals, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Huntingdon officers and Carroll County Sheriff’s Office all were involved in the pursuit.


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