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VP RACING FUELS – VP Racing Fuels will locate in the former Behlen building, just off U.S. Highway 70 near the Carroll County Jail. Forty new jobs will be created with a $4.6 million investment. Several months will be involved in reworking the building.

In a recent announcement, VP Racing Fuels industry disclosed its intention to locate its new operations in Huntingdon. The race fuel manufacturer and distributor will create 40 new jobs and invest approximately $4.6 million in Carroll County.

The industry will be located in the former Behlen Co. building, just off U.S. Highway 70 near the Carroll County Jail.

 “One of our main objectives in Tennessee is to make sure our rural communities are well-represented in the world of economic development,” Gov. Bill Lee said. “I want to thank VP for supporting our mission to prioritize rural areas by investing in Huntingdon and creating new jobs in West Tennessee.”

 Carroll County Chamber of Commerce president Brad Hurley said the recruitment of VP Racing Fuels has been a team effort.

“We are very thankful for everyone's help,” he said. “VP officials have visited Huntingdon and Carroll County on several occasions."

Hurley added, "The announcement is the first step of the relocation. The next phase will involve adapting the inside of the Behlen Building to meet the needs of the new tenant. We anticipate the build-out of the facility to take several months."

VP Racing Fuels has a wide array of products. Among their many products are fuels, additives, lubricants, specialty products, and coolants.

“I am grateful to VP for its decision to locate new operations in Huntingdon and for its creation of 40 new jobs in Carroll County,” TNECD Commissioner Bob Rolfe said. “Tennessee prides itself on being a top location for manufacturing companies. With more than 170 advanced materials operations in Tennessee, we are pleased that yet another manufacturer will now call Tennessee home.”

Hurley said local officials assured VP Racing in the early stages of recruitment that Huntingdon and Carroll County make up a business-friendly community. Their plans to locate in other communities were hindered by zoning regulations and other problems that arose.

“We assured them that they would not have such problems in Carroll County,” he said. “We let them know that we would not leave plans sitting on our desks, that we would respond quickly, and we did."

Carroll County Fire Chief Terry Bradshaw, Huntingdon Codes Enforcement Officer Randy Crossett, and the Chamber played key roles in reviewing VP's plans and responding back within a twenty-four hour time frame.

VP, a race fuel manufacturer and distributor, is recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. In recent years, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include small engine fuels, diesel products, appearance products, and the Madditive® line of additives, branded as a reflection of the company’s Mad Scientist® spokesperson personality. These products and the company’s retail distribution in major retailers like Auto Zone, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others have led to these expansion needs.

Mayor Dale Kelley expressed his thoughts over the new industry.
“We are pleased to have VP Racing Fuels locating in Huntingdon,” said the mayor. “ After several months of working to meet the needs of VP Racing Fuels, seeing the project come to fruition and bringing 40 jobs is rewarding.  They are a solid company, growing each year.  They will be a great community partner for years to come.  The Town of Huntingdon looks forward to working with them.”

County Mayor Joseph Butler said it was a great day for Carroll County to be able to make such an announcement.

“I would like to personally thank the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Mayor Dale Kelley, Chamber President Brad Hurley, Fire Chief Terry Bradshaw, and all others involved for their work on this project. This is the impact we can have when working together for the good of all that we are here to serve,” said Butler.

He added that a special thank you goes to VP Racing Fuels for their faith and investment in the Carroll County communities.

“This is a great company that is excited about coming and growing here,” said the county mayor. “We look forward to working alongside VP to help them achieve sustained success here, and to show them why this investment was the right one.”

“VP was founded over forty years ago in San Antonio, and as the company continues its consistent and remarkable growth, expansion is necessary. Exploring numerous options, it was clear from the start that Tennessee is open for business,” Alan Cerwick, president and CEO of VP Racing Fuels, said. “The State, Carroll County and the City of Huntingdon were all welcoming, and it has been a pleasure to work with these parties. Tennessee is a perfect fit for VP, and we look forward to continued growth with the state.”

 VP plans on expanding its U.S. operations by locating a new manufacturing and packing facility in Huntingdon.

 The Tennessee Valley Authority also supported VP Racing Fuels’ decision to locate new operations in Carroll County.

 Huntingdon and Carroll County are represented by Sen. John Stevens (R – Huntingdon), Rep. Curtis Halford (R – Dyer) and Rep. Andy Holt (R – Dresden) in the Tennessee General Assembly.


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